Past Events

    Alaska Marine Science Symposium

    Annual symposium in Anchorage, Alaska, showcasing ocean research in the Arctic Ocean, Bering Sea, and Gulf of Alaska. See abstract books from 2016 (PDF, 5.63 MB), 2015 (PDF, 5.93 MB),  2014  (PDF, 3.86 MB), 2013 (PDF, 5.66 MB), 2011 (PDF, 5.62 MB).

    Arctic Frontiers

    Arctic Frontiers brings academia, government and business together to create a foundation for decision-making and sustainable economic development in the Arctic. Available here are abstract books from past conferences.

    Arctic Observing Summit

    High-level, biennial summit that aims to provide community-driven, science-based guidance for the design, implementation, coordination and sustained long-term (decades) operation of an international network of Arctic observing systems. Click here for publications, reports, media and resources related to upcoming and previous Arctic Observing Summits.

    Arctic Science Summit Week

    Annual gathering of international organizations engaged in supporting and facilitating Arctic research. The purpose of the summit is to provide opportunities for coordination, collaboration and cooperation in all areas of Arctic science.

    ArcticNet Annual Scientific Meeting

    Venue to showcase results from all fields of Arctic research and stimulate discussion and foster collaborations among people with a vested interest in the Arctic and its peoples.

    Canadian Permafrost Conference

    The Canadian Permafrost Conference is held every few years. This database allows you to search and view proceedings of the first six Canadian Permafrost Conferences (1962-2010). Click here for proceedings from the 7th Conference (2015).

    Conference on Polar Meteorology and Oceanography

    Annual conference that is part of the Annual Meeting of the American Meteorological Society. See recorded presentations from 2013 conference.

    International Conference on Permafrost

    Conference put on by the International Permafrost Association, whose objectives are to foster the dissemination of knowledge concerning permafrost and to promote cooperation among persons and national or international organizations engaged in scientific investigation and engineering work on permafrost. Available here are proceedings from past conferences.

    International Glaciological Society Symposia

    Symposia and workshops organized, sponsored, or co-sponsored by the IGS.

    IPCC Workshops and Expert Meetings

    Documentation from workshops and expert meetings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

    North Slope Science Initiative Workshops and Conferences

    NSSI's mission is to improve scientific and regulatory understanding of terrestrial, aquatic and marine ecosystems for consideration in the context of resource development activities and climate change. NSSI facilitates information sharing among agencies, nongovernmental organizations, industry, academia, international programs and members of the public. Available here are reports and other materials from past workshops.

    Northern Research Forum Open Assemblies

    The NRF organizes a biennial open meeting at which members of the research community and representatives of a wide range of other northern stakeholders can meet and exchange ideas. Available here are proceedings and recordings from past meetings.

    State of the Arctic 2010

    The main goal of the State of the Arctic Conference (March 2010, Miami, Florida) was to provide an open international forum for discussion of future research directions aimed toward a better understanding of the Arctic system and its trajectory. Available here are contributions and products from the conference.

    Symposium on the Impacts of an Ice-Diminishing Arctic on Naval and Maritime Operations

    Biannual symposium cohosted by the U.S. National Ice Center and the U.S. Arctic Research Commission. Available here are reports from past symposia.

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