Climate Resources

    Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence (COSEE)

    Working closely with ocean scientists, educators, and coastal community members, COSEE Alaska seeks to enhance ocean and climate change literacy in formal and informal audiences and the public.

    Climate Change Resource Center (CCRC)

    This is the U.S. Forest Service's reference website for resource managers and decision makers who need information and tools to address climate change in planning and project implementation.

    Climate Institute

    International NGO of scientists and policy leaders concerned with climate change and protection of the stratospheric ozone layer.

    National Wildlife Federation—global warming page

    Links to blogs and news articles.

    Northern Climate ExChange

    Clearinghouse of climate change information for northern Canada.


    Polar-Palooza is a multimedia initiative, supported by both NSF and NASA, involving researchers, Alaska Natives, in-person presentations at science centers and natural history museums, video and audio podcasts, and more.

    The Wilderness Society - global warming page

    The Wilderness Society is an American conservation organization working to protect the nation's public lands.

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - climate change page

    Links to information resources about climate change.

    University of Hawaii Sea Level Center (UHSLC)

    UHSLC collects, processes, analyzes, and distributes tide gauge data from around the world in support of climate and oceanographic research.

    World Meteorological Organization (WMO)

    (WMO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations. It is the UN system's authoritative voice on the state and behavior of the Earth's atmosphere, its interaction with the oceans, the climate it produces, and the resulting distribution of water resources.

    WWF- Climate Change in the Arctic

    This is WWF's webpage covering climate change in the Arctic. It includes links to reports, videos, news feeds, and blogs.

    Yale Project on Climate Change Communication

    This project grew out of a conference, "Americans and Climate Change," that the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies convened in 2005 in Aspen, Colorado. The goal was to diagnose why, in the face of ever stronger climate science, the United States had been slow to act and to recommend a set of initiatives to catalyze action. The conclusions and recommendations from the conference are available in the conference report. (PDF, 906 KB)

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