Community Adaptation

    ArcticNorth Consulting

    ArcticNorth Consulting was established by James Ford, PhD, and Tristan Pearce, PhD, to assist communities, businesses, and industry adapt to a changing climate. Dr. Ford and Dr. Pearce are award-winning scientists with extensive experience working with communities, governments, NGOs, and First Nations groups across Canada and internationally on climate change vulnerability assessment and adaptation planning.

    Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation Research Group

    Website produced by Dr. James Ford and other researchers at McGill University. The group is largely concerned with the integration of social, physical, and health sciences, and local/indigenous knowledge in climate change vulnerability and adaptation research.

    Coastal Climate Adaptation

    This site is hosted by NOAA Coastal Services Center and is used by state and local officials nationwide to see what their colleagues are doing in terms of adaptation. The site also includes basic climate change information useful for outreach efforts.

    Global Environmental Change Group—University of Guelph

    Research group whose focus is climate change vulnerability, adaptation, and capacity building. Research also addresses international development, risk management, resilience, governance, and livelihood enhancement.

    Many Strong Voices

    A collaborative program with the goal of promoting the well-being, security and sustainability of coastal communities in the Arctic and Small Island Developing States (SIDS) in the face of climate change, by bringing these regions together to take action on mitigation and adaptation.

    Resilience and Adaptive Management (RAM) Group

    The RAM Group is dedicated to developing social adaptation strategies in the face of rapid global change by weaving multi-disciplinary research and diverse ways of knowing into a cohesive and integrated framework for resilience in high latitudes.

    RISE: Climate Change and Coastal Communities

    Media project looking at the San Francisco Bay area for answers on how to start adapting to changes that are now inevitable.

    Tribes and Climate Change

    The site provides information and resources tailored to helping Native people gain a better understanding of climate change and its impacts on their communities. Here you'll find basic climate-change information; profiles of tribes in diverse regions of the U.S., including Alaska, who are coping with climate change impacts; audio files of elders discussing the issue from traditional perspectives; and resources and contacts you can use to develop climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies.

    UAA Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER) - climate change page

    ISER enhances the well-being of Alaskans and others through nonpartisan research that helps people understand social and economic systems and supports informed public and private decision-making focusing on critical economic and social issues in Alaska, the Arctic, and similar regions.

    United States Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Center

    The U.S. Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Center was launched in 2007 in recognition of an increasingly urgent need to provide mayors with the guidance and assistance they need to lead their cities' efforts to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that are linked to climate change.

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