Indigenous Views

    Alaska Native Knowledge Network

    Resources for compiling and exchanging information related to Alaska Native knowledge systems and ways of knowing.

    Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources (CIER)

    CIER was founded in 1994 by a small group of First Nation leaders from across Canada who recognized the need for Aboriginal peoples to have the capacity to solve environmental problems affecting their lands and resources.

    Inuit Qaujisarvingat: The Inuit Knowledge Centre

    The goal of Inuit Qaujisarvingat is to bridge the gap between Inuit knowledge and western science and build capacity among Inuit to respond to global interests in Arctic issues. Sharing the pride and vision of Arctic youth is a community website hosted by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD). Ookpik was created under the auspices of the Future of Children and Youth of the Arctic (2005), which is an initiative of the Arctic Council Sustainable Development Working Group, one of the five working groups of the Arctic Council.

    Tribal Climate Change Project

    This is a collaborative project between the University of Oregon Environmental Studies Program and the USDA Forest Service Pacific Northwest Research Station. The project aims to understand the needs, lessons learned, and opportunities American Indians and Alaska Natives have in planning for the physical effects of climate change. This information will be used to inform resource management decision-making in the context of climate change.

    United Nations University, Institute of Advanced Studies (UNU-IAS) Traditional Knowledge Initiative

    This initiative seeks to build greater understanding and facilitate awareness of traditional knowledge to inform action by indigenous peoples, local communities, and domestic and international policy makers.

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