Denmark / Greenland

    Aarhus University

    Aarhus University is an academically diverse and strongly research-oriented institution that creates and shares knowledge. The site includes a researcher database with abstracts and publications.

    Arctic Research Centre

    Aarhus University has established Arctic Research Centre (ARC) recognizing the need to adopt an interdisciplinary approach to adequately address contemporary and critical Arctic issues, including the areas of nature, environment, culture, society and health, as well as the interactions between them. 

    Centre for Arctic Health (CAH)

    The Centre for Arctic Health is located at the Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Public Health, University of Aarhus.  The aims of the Centre for Arctic Health are strengthening research in Arctic Health, increasing collaboration between national and international Arctic research organizations, increasing collaboration on environmental medicine in the Arctic, and participation in Arctic Health education programs.

    Danish National Institue of Public Health, University of Southern Denmark

    The Danish National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) is an institute devoted to forwarding public health concerns through research, knowledge and education.

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