Climate Change


Adapting to climate change in Alaska

Seventeen-minute video produced by Alaska Sea Grant and NOAA Alaska Region. 

Arctic climate impact assessment−Scientific report

The ACIA Scientific Report (2005) is the first comprehensive, integrated assessment of climate change and ultraviolet (UV) radiation across the entire Arctic region. The intended audience is the international scientific community, including researchers and directors of research programs. See here a video from the C-Span Video Library (November 8, 2004) where scientists talk to reporters at the National Press Club about the ACIA report [1:42:04 min]. Read a review of the report by New York Times climate writer Andrew Revkin. See also PBS' review, which includes a link to a teacher resource. 

Changing Climate, Changing Health, Changing Stories, Digital Storytelling, Rigolet, NL Canada

Started as a multi-year community-based capacity-building project situated in Rigolet, Nunatsiavut, Labrador. The goal of our project was to study the impacts of climate change on human health and well-being in Inuit communities. It is now funded by the Rigolet Inuit Community Government. Additional stories: Rigolettimiugvunga, I am from Rigolet 

Disappearing glaciers and the rising sea

Video presented by Shad O'Neel, PhD, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, as part of the 2008 series "Perspectives on Ocean Science." Dr. O'Neel provides a tour of coastal glaciers and explains why scientists believe these glaciers' unique behavior will make them one of the largest contributors to sea level rise in the next century. [56:45 min]  


IsumaTV is an independent online interactive network of Inuit and Indigenous multimedia. IsumaTV uses the power and immediacy of the Web to bring people together to tell stories and support change. IsumaTV uses new networking technology to build a new era of communication and exchange among Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and communities around the globe. Topics are wide ranging but include large collections of video, audio, images and text about Health and Climate Change. 

Our Shared Arctic

The U.S. Embassy Stockholm, with Swedish superstar Felix Herngren and the World Wildlife Fund created four videos highlighting climate change and the Arctic. The videos are:

The Arctic: Change at the top of the world

Video by, an educational website produced by Annenberg Foundation. [24:06 min]  

The big melt

This is a series of articles published in the New York Times in October 2005 describing the effects of warming on the environment and on the four million people who live in the Arctic, and scientists' assessments of the inevitability of Arctic melting. Included are three videos: The Arctic Ice Cap where Andrew C. Revkin looks at the melting of the Arctic ice cap [7:19 min], Sampling the Ice where Revkin describes an expedition to drill samples in the Arctic [5:23 min], and Arctic Fisheries where Simon Romero looks at how changes in the Arctic may affect the Norwegian fishing industry [1:52 min]. 

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